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About us

Established in 2013 and a 100% Black-Owned; Dennis International Holdings is a Diversified Mining Consulting Firm based in Johannesburg.

The company employs a network business delivery model with core functions manager in-house and value adding activities outsourced to strategic partners and specialist. We are a professional precious metal mining consulting service. We encompass geotechnical engineering, geological services, metallurgy services, feasibility services, exploration, planning and permitting services, merger, acquisition and sales services and environmental monitoring. All of these services are considered as integral to the expert assessment of mineral resource estimation, geological potential, preliminary economic assessments, independent reviews of mineral properties and mining, feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, economic analysis, litigation support and independent engineer services.

Where suitable, the results of the studies are being provided in the form of expert technical reports appropriate for disclosure to the public. These services can help mining companies in every stage of mineral property development, starting from the early phase of exploration, sampling and drilling, technical studies and resource estimation up to construction and financing and into production. For the lenders and equity investors, technical due diligence during the financing of the project or acquisitions or mergers is being followed as well as in the specialist assignments for litigation support and property valuation. The future growth of mining consultant business lies in the emphasis on the impact of the mines on the stakeholders and the environment as a whole. In the recent years, precious metal mining consulting has been required to focus more on stakeholder and environmental issues as the government agencies have struggled with the resources for reviewing projects. Aside from that, more and more stakeholders are now starting to get more involved in the projects. Today’s mining industry requires a permitting and approval process wherein the work and attention focuses more on environmental effects and lesser on the projects’ technical impact. This is the reason why there is an increased demand for experts who have the knowledge in evaluation of possible methods and methods to reduce environmental impacts.

Through our assistance as a precious metal mining consultant, project managers and stakeholders are assured that every step of the process will be successful and run in the smoothest way possible without causing any harsh effects or impact on the people involved and the environment. Through quality and expert precious metal mining consulting that we offer, the whole process becomes a seamless task.

What we do

Basic Value Added Chain within the Mining Industry
and Selected Services of Dennis International Holdings PTY l LTD

1. Evaluation of Deposit Data

  • Target Definition
  • Desktop Studies
  • Geological Exploration

2. Investment Studies

  • Due Diligence
  • Reserve Statement
  • Geological Exploration

3. Deposit Model

  • Geophysical Exploration
  • Detailed Mapping
  • Geological Modelling

4. Greenfield Development
Permission Process

  • Supervision & Legal Advice
  • Environmental and Social
  • Impact  Assessment

5. Mine Planning

  • Design Studies
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Process Visualization

6. Mine Development
& Exploitation

  • Project Management Services
  • Extraction Engineering
  • Operations Improvement
  • Survey and Monitoring
  • Geological & Geophysical

7. Refining, Preparation

  • Raw Material Investigation
  • Beneficiation Engineering,
    Procurement & Commissioning

8. Closure & Abandoned Mines

  • Rehabilitation and Reclamation
  • Water & Gas Management
  • Mine Map Archives
  • Investigation of Hazards
  • Safeguarding Concepts
  • Surveying and Monitoring

Productivity and sustainable cost management are crucial success factors, particularly due to the volatility and challenges of the market in the current climate. In this respect, we aim to ensure the best added value for our customers through our broad industry knowledge and by employing the most state-of-the-art, efficient technology. With our intimate passion, DENNIS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD is never far from the clients it serves. Customers in almost every mining region of the world and across nearly all commodities, from ore and minerals to coal.

Our focus within active mining is primarily on maximizing the “return on investment”, without essential parameters such as security, product quality, geotechnical, and socio-economic or environmental factors being neglected. When it comes to mine closure, permanent waste disposal and the re-development of former mining sites, we are also well-equipped to deliver firm conclusions, transparent results and sustainable concepts.

DENNIS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD researches, develop and outsources both methods and equipment for our valued Clients and is orientated in international research projects on themes such as unconventional mining, renewable energy and innovative metrological and safety technology. DENNIS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD’s competence and experience offers clients a wide range of benefits: Economic efficiency, Investment security The highest performance, quality and safety standards. Access to the additional complementary resources of DENNIS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD.

Our Vision

We aspire to be among the world’s top mining consultants for major commodity producers. This including Gold, (PSGM) Platinum, Silver Group Metals. Iron ore, metallurgical coal and copper. With low-cost options for future growth and value creation. Our assets are high quality and largely located in low-risk locations, with strong development potential. In addition to having the right assets in the right commodities, we also create value in the way we operate our assets.

Our Mission

We strive to be among the world’s top advisors in finance and economics so as to produce sound strategies that will be tailor made for our client’s needs. And bring major value to our client’s commodities.

  • Our Focus 100% 100%

Our core values

Our Strategy Culture and Capabilities
Our strategy is to have the best capabilities, best commodities and best assets to create long-term value and high returns. We aspire to have industry-leading capabilities applied to a portfolio of world-class client in the most attractive low cost commodities production environment This involves: Culture and capabilities that enable the execution of our business strategy Highly attractive commodities with high economic rent potential that match our capabilities World-class assets that are resilient through the cycle, have embedded growth options and match our capabilities

Our Strategy

Mining, Planning and Operational support and improvement


As a Mining Consultancy, we help our clients “mine smarter”. Whether it’s planning a new mine or improving the productivity of an existing one, we make sure that the bottom line will benefit from our unparalleled mix of operational expertise, industry insight, and up-to-date performance data. Our team specializes in surface and underground mines and commodities from base metals to gold, iron ore to mineral sands, and coal to diamonds, using a suite of tools to help safely maximize return on investment and solve complex engineering problems.


Our planning methodology is built on a foundation of expertise in industry-leading practices and the latest technology. Our services span strategic planning, operational planning, drafting services, simulations, and scheduling whilst our dedicated engineering services team has world-renowned global experts in ventilation and backfill.

Operational support and improvement

We provide skilled engineers to augment our clients own technical teams. When their capacity or capabilities are stretched by new projects and special studies, we step in to full in the gaps. No matter how skilled and experienced our clients mining team is or how technically advanced our clients mining systems are, our stakeholders expect continuous improvement.


Dennis International Holdings PTY LTD

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